Foley United - committed to the turf industry since 1934.

For over 90 years, Foley United has set the industry standard in designing and manufacturing sharpening equipment. The brand of grinders we sell to the golf and turf industry is one of the four product groups manufactured at our River Falls, Wisconsin facility - a building specifically designed and constructed for this purpose in 1992.

Three Generations of Family Ownership
Foley United is a division of Foley Belsaw (aka: The Foley Companies) which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has been owned by the Ringer Family since 1926, when Walter Ringer Sr. purchased Foley Manufacturing, a small company that made a machine to sharpen handsaw blades.

Walter Ringer Sr. coined the basic philosophy that the family still adheres to today: "Keeping Everlastingly At It Brings Success". Foley United takes great pride in its substantial manufacturing sharpening machinery experience, and under the guidance and commitment of the Ringer Family, we strive to continue to prove the elder Ringer's philosophy.

Today, the company is owned and operated by the third generation of the Ringer Family and has grown to 4 different companies and operating divisions, including:

Foley Belsaw: marketing the Foley Belsaw line of machines.
Foley United Industrial: products sold to the industrial woodworking market for sharpening production wood working cutting tools.
Foley United Turf
Neary Technologies:
Also in the golf and turf industry, Neary Technologies makes up the fourth product group manufactured out of River Falls.

We now have 85,000 feet of space housing manufacturing, warehousing, engineering, sales, and business management in the ideal location of River Falls, Wisconsin. This college town is surrounded with agriculture, creating an unsurpassed culture and work ethic that easily lends to unsurpassed customer service.

Our Commitment Statement
At Foley United, we created a “Commitment Statement” that captures our vision of what we want to accomplish as a manufacturer, and we strive to maintain this vision with each and every product group we make. Today, our employees seek to everlastingly accomplish our mission by committing to the following goals:

  • Providing superior customer support, training, and service.
  • Manufacturing the highest quality products at an unequaled value.
  • Setting the industry standard by investing in technological innovation.
  • Manufacturing products specifically designed to maintain original equipment manufacturers specifications.
  • Interacting with and supporting all of the original equipment manufacturers.

When you purchase a Foley United grinder, or make a call to one of our Sales Managers, or register your grinder for its warranty—however you interact with us, these commitments guide our customer service.

We look forward to providing the highest quality grinders that protect your investment -- for years to come.